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Watermark overlay feature allows you to add an image or text over the recorded video. This overlay usually is used to add your logo or copyright notice to protect your content.

To enable Watermark overlay:

  1. Click Watermark button under Overlay section from application window, to view watermark options.
  2. Turn Watermark overlay switch
  3. Choose type of the overlay from the selector under Choose type of the watermark.
  4. To use an image for the overlay, click Browse... under Choose an image then select an image file (animated GIF are supported).
  5. If you chose Text for watermark type, enter a text for it under Enter a text for watermark.
Figure 1: Watermark options (image)

Figure 2: Watermark options (text)


From the layout options, you can choose size and location of the watermark overlay, as well as its horizontal/vertical offset.

Text options and Outline

For text overlays, you can customize font and color of the text and optionally add outline for it from Text Options and Outline section.