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Screen capture mode captures video from system display. In this mode, you can also capture audio and camera as an overlay.

  1. From the application window, click Screen button under Mode section.
  2. If you have a multiple display setup, click the selector under Source section to choose the desired display to capture or choose Active Display to capture the display which contains mouse pointer.
Figure 1: Screen Capture


Screen options contain configurations to toggle capturing pointer and also applying highlight and click effects to it. These options apply to both screen and area capture modes.

To enable capturing pointer:

  1. Click Screen options button under Source section from application window, to view screen options.
  2. Turn Pointer switch on.
Figure 2: Screen Capture Options


Turn Highlight pointer switch on to enable highlight effect. You can choose the highlight color below the switch.

Click effects

Turn Show click effects switch on to enable click effects. If this effect is on, a circle appears around the mouse pointer on the output video whenever your click one of your mouse buttons. You can choose the colors below the switch.


Pointer effects only appear on the output video and preview window, not on your screen.