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Hotkeys allow you to control recording process using keyboard shortcuts when Screenbits is minimized or not in foreground. This helps you use Screenbits without having its user interface included in the recorded video.

Default hotkeys for recording actions are defined in the following table:

Action Default Hotkey Description
Record/Stop F10 Starts recording or stops it if it's already started.
Pause/Resume Shift+F10 Pauses recording or resumes it if it's already paused.
Selector (none) Opens the all-in-one selector to select an area from the screen.

Custom hotkeys

In order to choose a different hotkey for an action:

  1. Select Settings from Menu to open Settings.
  2. Click Hotkeys from the side bar to open Hotkeys settings.
  3. Click on one of of the text boxes to enter a shortcut for an action.
  4. Hold the desired keys down on your keyboard so the combination appear in the box.


  • Not all the key combinations are valid for a hotkey. You need to enter a valid key combination for each action to work.
  • Another application might have already registered a hotkey which makes it unusable for Screenbits.
  • Use delete (Del) key to clear a hotkey for an action.