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Draw on screen feature allows you to write, draw and highlight anywhere on your screen which can be useful for making tutorials or other scenarios. This feature is available in screen and area capture modes.

Turn screen drawing on and off

To use Draw on screen feature, simply click Draw on screen button which appears under Source section. Once the feature is turned on, you can start drawing on your screen by the mouse pointer. Click on the button once again to turn the feature off.

Drawing tools and options

There are several tools which you can use to write and draw on your screen. You can also change drawing options such as color and stroke width. To change the drawing tool and options, move mouse pointer over Draw on screen button to view drawing menu then choose the appropriate tool or option from this menu.

Interact with other applications

After you finished a drawing, you might want to keep the drawing on the screen while interacting with Screenbits or other applications. In order to do so, open the drawing menu then click Pointer. You can open the menu again and choose a drawing tool later if you want to continue drawing.