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Statistics section provides useful information about current recording session including actual recording frame rate, actual frame rate mode, buffer size and resource usage of the application. This information helps you monitor health of recording and change output options when necessary.

To view statistics, click Statistics button from application window during recording.

Figure 1: Statistics

Figure 2: Statistics

Statistics section contains a list of rows with a circle on the right side of each row which shows health of the related operation. A green circle indicates a healthy state while a red circle indicates an unhealthy state. You can see the description for each item of the list on the table below.

Title Description Meaning of an unhealthy state
Duration Duration of recording (none)
Size Size of the output file Running out of storage space
Encoder Active video encoder Failed to use hardware video encoder
Frame rate Current recording frame rate Too many frames are being dropped
Frame rate mode Current frame rate mode Switched to variable frame rate mode due to performance issues
Buffer Amount of memory used for video encoding Too much memory is being consumed due to encoding lag
Faults Total number of missed frames Too many frames are dropped in the current recording session
CPU usage CPU usage of the application CPU usage of the application is higher than usual
Memory usage Memory usage of the application Memory usage of the application is higher than usual

If stats are constantly in unhealthy state in every recording session, follow the instructions for performance improvements to improve recording performance.