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Files section shows output files and allows you to perform different actions on them. To view files, click Files tab from application window.

Figure 1: Files

Files section shows the output files in the output folder which you can change from recorder settings. After recording stops, the output file appear on top of the list of files. To perform an action on a file, right click on it and choose the appropriate action from the context menu.

Action Description
Play Opens the selected file with the default video player app.
Open Folder Opens the output folder which contains the selected file.
Share Opens share UI to share the selected file.
Copy Copies the selected file to system clipboard.
Rename Renames the selected file.
Delete Moves the selected file to recycle bin after user confirmation.
Refresh Synchronizes the list of files with the file system.

Since files section only shows files in the current output folder so if you change the output folder, you won't be able to see previously recorded files because those files are in a different folder. However, you can always access those files from your storage through Explorer app or by changing the output folder back to the previous location.