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As an alternative to the default user-interface, you can switch to Compact view to interact with the app through a minimal user-interface which is helpful when you don't want the application cover a large portion of your screen.

To switch to compact view, click Compact view button on the top-right side of the application window, next to the minimize/maximize button.

Figure 1: Switch to Compact view

Once you switch to compact view, a minimal user-interface replaces the default one. This user-interface appears on top of the screen for Screen, Device and Audio capture modes while you can move it to anywhere on the screen.

Figure 2: Compact view

If Area capture mode is selected, compact view appears on one side of the selected area while a frame is displayed around it. You can change the selected area by moving or resizing the frame.

Figure 3: Compact view (Area capture mode)

To switch back to the default user-interface, simply click the Close button on the compact view. You can also use Hotkeys to switch to compact view by keyboard shortcuts.